Do You Know Jesus?

If you don’t know Jesus, the One we are praying to for a cure, then please take a minute to read this. If you’ve already been looking over pages of this site and others, this one is truly worth your time.

This one could change your life forever.

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Psalm 139… God knows all about you. He knows when you sit and when you rise. He knows your thoughts from afar. There’s no place you can go that He isn’t there. He saw you when you were formed in the depths of darkness, in your mother’s womb. As you were knit together so carefully, He was there. He knows all the days ordained for you before one of them comes to be. He thinks of you more times than there are grains of sand. You might rest, but when you awake, He will still be there.

This is a paraphrase of my favorite Psalm. God IS real. Don’t you want someone like that to call your friend, your family? Go read it fully and let it soak in just how much God loves you, despite all He knows about you…. about me…. yet HE STILL LOVES US! And He wants US to be HIS. We all have a choice. There are 2 roads… which one will you walk down (Mattew 7)

I pray you will follow your heart, not your mind,

and let Christ become your Savior today!